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Belmont Presbyterian Church WIC

1005 9th St. S.E.
Roanoke, VA - 2401
(540) 857-6063


About Belmont Presbyterian Church WIC

WIC Satellite Office If the Belmont Presbyterian Church WIC is the closest WIC office to your home, please call to make an appointment to apply or ask for a closer WIC location to your home.

To apply for WIC, just call a local WIC office and make an appointment. At the appointment, the client will be weighed, measured, and have an iron screening. The client will then speak with a nutritionist for suggestions on eating healthy and will be given any referrals that they may need. The nutritionist will provide a food prescription along with checks for healthy foods. Fathers, grandparents, and foster parents can also apply for WIC to receive supplemental nutrition benefits for infants and children who are five years old or younger in their care.

If the appointment is for a child, the child will have to go to the appointment with the parent or guardian. At this time, the child will be screened for iron in the blood and growth development.

WIC Helps YOU Help Your FAMILY by:
providing health screenings and nutritional counseling to help you, your baby and your children stay healthy,
food packages to help you purchase healthy nutritious food,
and free lactation services to help you with your breastfed baby.

To be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), a person must meet three criteria. The criteria are:
1. Category
Pregnant women
Women who are breastfeeding an infant (under one year of age)
Postpartum women to the sixth month after delivery
Children from birth to five years of age

2. Income
Income eligibility requires that a household have gross income at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level.

3. Nutrition Risk
Nutrition risk is any medical or health problem which can be corrected or lessened by proper amounts and types of food intake. Examples of nutrition risk are:
Low iron levels
Insufficient growth, i.e. low weight for age, low weight for height
Premature delivery
Inadequate dietary intake (types or amounts of food)

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