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WICPrograms.org was developed as a helpful directory of WIC program listings along with other helpful Women In Crisis Programs. We are not in any way associated with the official WIC Program run by the Federal Governments USDA.

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Latest Programs

Riceboro WIC Clinic

Hwy. 119 Head Start Center
Riceboro, GA - 31323
(912) 884-3889

Davie County WIC Program

210 Hospital Street
Mocksville, NC - 27028

Jefferson Wic Clinic

125 East Jefferson Street
Jefferson, OH - 44047


234 Hill Cobb Road
Granby, MO - 64844
(417) 451-3743

WIC Programs, Offices and Clinics

We list the available programs by location along with specific details on these programs. Some WIC Offices are administrative offices only. We let you know. We list WIC Clinic hours and days.